Video Examples

I will always define myself as a still photographer, but at the University of Missouri we pride ourselves on being multifaceted visual journalists. Below are four examples of the different types of video I have been a part of creating over the years. In order – a team effort of shooting and editing, the first video I made completely on my own, a supplementary clip made on-the-spot, and a video that I oversaw production of, but did not shoot.

Johnathon and Kelli McDowell are the owners and operators of One to One print shop in Columbia, Mo. This video, created alongside Hannah Sturtecky in 2016, accompanied a Vox feature on the couple and their business.

In my very first video at the Missouri School of Journalism, Abby McNeill explains the different opportunities and lessons she has been able to benefit from while working as a student-employee at Buck's Ice Cream during the spring semester of 2013 in Columbia, Mo. Video created entirely with a Canon 60D, please pardon the atrocious sound quality.

Led by artist Madeliene LeMieux, teen artists from the C.A.R.E. Art Gallery invited members of the community to help start painting a new mural in Flat Branch Park on Saturday, July 9, 2016. The mural, located along the creek under Locust Street, will stretch across a previously blank 67-foot-long wall when complete. Standing approximately seven feet tall at most points, the wall is over 450 square feet, all of which will be covered by LeMieux's community-oriented artwork. From now until completion, LeMieux and members of the C.A.R.E. Art Gallery will work to perfect the mural, filling in holes and cracks with paint, cleaning up lines and coating the mural with a protective layer. This time-lapse video of Community Painting Day captures four hours of painting. Video was made to accompany images by Ryan Berry and text by Asa Lory.

The Burney Sisters, a musical sibling duo featuring Olivia Burney, 12, and Emma Burney, 9, record their first single "Plastic" after three weeks in local recording studio Darkroom Records on Friday, June 30, 2017. The young musicians have performed over 30 times in the past few months at local musical venues in mid-Missouri. ALL VIDEO AND AUDIO CREDIT goes to Whitney Matewe and Meg Vatterott. I had influence as an editor, advisor and producer, but Whitney and Meg put in most of the effort and did all of the groundwork.