As a modern photojournalist, shooting video is often just as important as taking stills and gathering information. Below are two examples of the video work I’ve been involved in. I shot and edited the first video on deadline alongside another photographer, and I acted as supervising producer on the second video as two journalists worked on it over the course of a week.

Johnathon and Kelli McDowell are the owners and operators of One to One print shop in Columbia, Mo. This video, created alongside Hannah Sturtecky in 2016, accompanied a Vox feature on the couple and their business.

The Burney Sisters, a musical sibling duo featuring Olivia Burney, 12, and Emma Burney, 9, record their first single "Plastic" after three weeks in local recording studio Darkroom Records on Friday, June 30, 2017. The young musicians have performed over 30 times in the past few months at local musical venues in mid-Missouri. VIDEO AND AUDIO CREDIT goes to Whitney Matewe and Meg Vatterott. I had influence as an editor, advisor and producer, but Whitney and Meg did all of the groundwork.